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Do you hold a Housing Choice Voucher?

Did you know that the housing authority may pay a higher rent level to allow you to move to "Mobility Areas," areas with greater economic and educational opportunities?


Housing Choice Partners will help you every step of the way to find what neighborhood is best for you.

Mobility Areas

Mobility Areas within the City of Chicago are:

  • Community areas that have less than 20% poverty

  • Lower than average reports of violent crime

  • Offer more access to job opportunities

Find Mobility Areas

You can find Mobility Areas all around Chicagoland, check out these resources to see which neighborhood is right for you.

Benefits of living in Mobility Areas

Mobility Areas offer schools with superior performance in which anywhere from 57% to 94% of students meet or exceed state standards.

Mobility Areas have significantly less crime than traditional areas.

Children who grow up in Mobility Area earn 31% more than their parents.

Mobility Areas offer a greater number of jobs. Often more than twice as many job opportunities exist in Mobility Areas than in Traditional Areas.

Often Opportunity Areas have greater public transportation options and offer easier access to healthy food.

Children in Mobility Areas enjoy better emotional and physical health, including lower rates of depression.​

Find a neighborhood that has all of these benefits

Click on the Map Icon to access an interactive Mobility Area Map that will show you:

  • School Boundaries and Ratings

  • Community Characteristics

  • Transportation & Other Resources

Work with us to find a community that is best for you

Join our Mobility Counseling Program and get paired up with one of our Mobility Counselors.

Our Mobility Counseling Program Offers:

  • Assistance in locating community resources and enrolling children in school​

  • Community tours and unit search assistance

  • Up to $500 to be used toward a security deposit or move-in fee

  • Support and mediation of any problems during leasing, move-in, or afterward

You should NEVER be discriminated against for using a Housing Choice Voucher

​It is illegal for a landlord to discriminate against an applicant because that applicant will be using a Housing Choice Voucher to help pay their rent.

Fair Housing Rights

As a tenant, you are entitled to certain rights and protected under the law. If you are interested in learning more about your rights, please click below.

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