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Why Give

Since 1995, HCP’s housing counseling and advocacy programs have been working with low-income families to stop poverty from reaching the next generation. We are helping parents to know their full range of housing choices, identify and overcome barriers to living in safe, healthy neighborhoods, and to provide their children with all they need to thrive.


We are also addressing systemic racial inequities. Historically, housing programs in the United States created separate and unequal opportunities for White and non-White residents. HCP's core programming - housing mobility counseling - arose as an effort to counter segregationist and racist policies. Our programs and staff strive to make sure that all families have access to the same range of opportunities, regardless of race, ethnicity, disability, or any other personal characteristics.


Housing Choice Partners:

  • enrolls over 1,000 Housing Choice Voucher-assisted families in our mobility programs each year;

  • manages subsidies for over 70 units of affordable housing throughout suburban Cook County; and

  • collaborates with partners to advocate for policy change that supports inclusive community growth and affirms low-income families’ fair housing choice.


Together, we can do more.  Segregation and concentrated disadvantage are the products of deliberate government policies and can only be reversed through deliberate action.


Join us in making a secure online tax-deductible donation, or send a check to HCP of Illinois, Inc. at our address below. 


Thank you for your support and for the difference you make in your community. 

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