Our Programs

Housing Mobility Counseling

We run a number of housing mobility counseling programs that help families move to areas of greater opportunity.

Rental Housing Support Program

We have administered the Rental Housing Support Program for suburban Cook County since 2011 and currently work with over seventy landlords and low-income families throughout the area.

Consulting Services

HCP provides a range of consulting services as a part of our duty to affirmatively further fair housing. As an advocate for reducing generational poverty through housing mobility, HCP Consulting is ready to share its knowledge!

Policy Advocacy & Research

We work with other organizations to improve affordable housing programs and their availability throughout the Chicago metropolitan region.

Housing Choice Partners is a member of the Chicago Area Fair Housing Alliance and the National Low-Income Housing Coalition and is experienced in housing policy action on a state and federal level.

(312) 386-1009

228 S. Wabash, Suite 500 Chicago, IL 60604, USA

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