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Our Programs

Moving In

Housing Mobility Counseling

We run a number of programs that assist families with low incomes in moving to safe, healthy, well-resourced neighborhoods. 

Rental Housing Support Program

Funded through the State of Illinois, we administer the Rental Housing Support Programs and the Re-Entry Pilot Program for suburban Cook County. We currently work with over 90 landlords, families, and formerly incarcerated individuals with extremely low incomes throughout the area.

Asian family moving to a new house
Business Meeting


We provide a range of consulting services that utilize our expertise in mobility counseling and fair housing-related program creation. 

Equality Banner

Fair Housing Advocacy & Research

We work with state, local, and federal partners  to advocate for new or improved fair housing policy that centers on racial and economic equity. We provide education and outreach through HUD's Fair Housing Initiatives Program (FHIP) to individuals who have experienced housing discrimination. We take part in research to build evidence for best practices in mobility counseling programming and inform policy initiatives.

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