Housing Opportunity Mutual Aid Equity (HOME) Fund

HCP's HOME Fund provides critical financial support to our clients so they can secure housing and thrive in the safe, healthy neighborhood of their choice. 

Where we grow up determines everything from the type of education we receive to our life expectancy, but not all communities have been afforded the same resources, and not everyone has had an equal chance to live in the community of their choice. 

Until all communities offer an equitable level of resources that support physical, mental, and financial well-being, HCP’s programs will center on expanding housing choice and ensuring low-income families’ opportunity to thrive in communities with low crime rates, well-performing schools, safe and healthy environments that support emotional and physical wellbeing, and that offer access to fresh foods, transportation, and employment opportunities. 


However, we recognize the difference that additional financial support can make in helping low-income families stabilize. The HOME Fund helps families offset essential moving costs like truck rentals and security deposits, while also providing critical support to ensure families can continue to pay utilities, access healthy food, and remain in their new homes. Through the HOME Fund, we hope to provide grants to as many of our clients as possible.


To donate, simply click the button below and choose the HOME Fund from the dropdown menu.

May 2020: The Chicago Community COVID-19 Response Fund – a collaboration between the City of Chicago, The Chicago Community Trust, and United Way of Metro Chicago – has generously contributed $25,000 to the HCP HOME Fund. In HCP’s 25th Anniversary Year, we hope that you will join our collective effort by donating to grow the fund by an additional $25,000, enabling us to support at least 100 low-income families in the coming months

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