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Searching for Housing

Chicago Housing Authority Voucher Holders: 


You do not need to enroll in the Mobility Program to benefit from CHA's Exception Payment Standards (up to 150% of your voucher value).


Anyone looking to rent in a CHA Mobility Area is eligible for the Exception Payment Standard, based on local housing costs. 

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Modern Neighborhood
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Where to Start: Your Priorities

What do I want in my community?

□  Safe Neighborhood 
□  Good Schools 
□  Quality Shopping 
□  Job Opportunities 

□  Community Activities
□  Recreation for Children
□  Access to transportation
□  Diverse neighborhood 

What do I want in my home?

□  Apartment or condo 

□  Townhouse 

□  Single-family home

□  Central air/heat

□  Backyard
□  Appliances

□  Washer/dryer in unit

□  Accessible (for persons with disabilities 

□  Pet-friendly building

Which of these are wants and which of

these are needs?

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