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Our Team


Catherine Johnson

Executive Director

Melanie Toney

Senior Program Director


Marielina Valero

Program Manager

Samantha Dewberry

Community Engagement Manager/Mobility Education Coordinator


Diane Monnich

Accounting Consultant

Jessie McDaniels

Real Estate Specialist

Pachette Herron-Butler

County Program Specialist

Mobility Counselors

Lynda Odigie

Lead Counselor

Tracey Robinson

Lead Counselor

Pamela Pennington

Mobility Counselor

Socorro Guerra

Mobility Counselor

Alisa Mobley

Mobility Counselor

Sherryl Gilbert

Mobility Counselor

Admin & Support

Luz Gonzalez

Admin Coordinator Downtown Office

Saida Lopez-Rosales

Admin Coordinator RHSP

Yumaria Gonzalez

Admin Coordinator Southside Office

Brenetta Stanton

Supportive Services

Marta Olivares

Supportive Services

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