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Some other ways to search for housing...

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  • Not all listings are online. Driving or walking through a community with a notepad and taking down information from "For Rent" signs is a great way to see available properties and get to know communities.

  • Seek assistance from a free apartment finding service. It is important that anyone assisting you understand the HCV program. Denying you service because you use a voucher to help pay your rent would be discriminatory but many agents are not entirely familiar with how HCV processes work and will need some time and information to help them serve you. 

  • CHA resource centers regularly request fliers from landlords that come to their landlord events to post in their resource centers. Call ahead to see if they have any to look at and stop by.

  • Check local newspapers for apartment listings. As with driving through a community, these papers may include listings that are not posted online.

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