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Ford and Villivalam pass state bill to end source of income housing discrimination​.

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Expanding Housing Protections for All Illinoisans

A growing number of people in Illinois are not able to obtain or sustain their rental housing. They are turned away from available housing or threatened with eviction. Many of these renters actually have enough to pay their rent, but some Illinois landlords just refuse to accept their form of payment.


These forms of payment include Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Housing Choice Vouchers, veteran vouchers, child support, emergency rental assistance, COVID relief, and other "non-wage" based ways of paying rent or legal forms of payment including cash. Denying someone because of their legal form of rent payment is known as Source of Income Discrimination.


The Illinois legislature must pass HB 2775 to expand housing protections for all the people of Illinois.


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4 Things You Can Do Right Now


Email Your Senator

Tell your State Senator that we need source of income protections in Illinois. Click below to send an electronic letter.

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Share Your Story

Our Coalition is looking for people willing to share their personal experiences with discrimination based on source of income.


Become a Community Endorser

Anyone can sign on as an endorser and help strengthen efforts to let elected officials know that HB 2775 has community support. 

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Why Do We Need HB 2775?

Currently, the State of Illinois’ fair housing law does not offer protections against discrimination based on legal sources of income. Landlords can discriminate and deny housing to people who pay for their housing with social security, veterans benefits, child support, Housing Choice Vouchers, or any other type of non-wage income. This is known as source of income discrimination in housing.


At a time when housing costs are increasing, it's urgent that we ensure no one is denied a home.

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The language of HB 2775 has been amended to address concerns from stakeholders in the housing industry resulting in the removal of some of the provisions in the original bill regarding the Homelessness Act and Evictions Act, and the requirements on income calculations.


HB 2775 now focuses solely on the core source of income protections that 19 other states already have. This brings the State into alignment with existing source of income protections under Cook County and City of Chicago.

HB 2775 will ensure that: 

  • No Illinois residents are turned away from available housing simply because of their legal form of rent payment, 

  • Workers impacted by coronavirus have more stability through the use of available emergency relief,

  • Over 99,000 Housing Choice Voucher participants have equal access to housing, 

  • Veterans do not get denied housing because they use a Veteran Administration subsidy

  • Barriers are eliminated for individuals using SSI and/or disability-specific accounts to pay for rent, and

  • Persons fleeing domestic Violence or other dangerous situations are able to access safe housing more quickly.

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HB2775 Factsheet

Want to learn more about HB 2775 and who supports it?


Click on the button below to view a quick and easy explainer on HB 2775 and the protections it would offer against source of income discrimination in housing.


The fact sheet contains the latest updates on the bill as well as a list of co-sponsoring legislators, endorsing organizations, businesses, municipalities and other elected officials.

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Endorse the SOI Campaign

Endorsers of HB 2775 will receive updates from the Illinois Coalition for Fair Housing that will include opportunities to power the campaign forward. If your organization has not yet formally endorsed HB 2775, please sign on today! 

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