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Searching for Housing Online​

Community Profile Sheets

  • Found on HCP’s website (Mobile version under construction)

  • Includes demographic, transportation, and local school information

Rental Listing Websites 


  • Other sites include: 


Map search tools are really helpful! View them online alongside a CHA Mobility Map if looking for Mobility Area housing.

Select the bedroom size and price range appropriate to your voucher.*


*Remember your affordability calculations will need to include other utilities you might be required to pay.


CHA offers landlords rent amounts based on comparable units within one mile of the rental you apply for.


A unit may be advertised at a higher rent than comparable homes nearby, which may lead to a lower rent offer than the landlord is willing to accept. 

Tip: Get a Bird’s Eye View


Use a website or app like Google Maps to see where a unit is located and what schools, stores, public transportation, highways, and other amenities are nearby. Search your route to work or school or to the doctor. Look for the "nearby" button for an idea of which amenities are in the area.


Use a website like Walkscore to search the rental's address and find out how many shops, restaurants, parks, and public transportation are nearby. The more walkable, the more amenities are in the area. Locations are graded on a scale of 1-100.

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