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Landlord Partnership Program

If would like more information or are interested in working with Housing Choice Partners, contact us!

Jessie McDaniels

Real Estate Specialist 

P: 312-386-1009 ext. 202



  • Generous tax incentives

  • Reliable long-term tenants 

  • Prompt rental payments

  • Extra month's rent paid for every eligible unit

There are a lot of great reasons to provide housing through the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program if you are a Mobility Area landlord. 

Request for Tenancy Approval Packet

Great, you found the perfect potential family for your unit!


 Your new family can not move into the unit until:

  1. The unit passes inspection by the CHA

  2. The rent amount is approved by the property owner

  3. The lease and HAP contract are signed

Check out this video to assist you in filling out the packet.

Click here to download the RTA Packet

If you this document in a different language or larger font or if you need a reasonable accommodation, please call 312-935-2600 or TTY: 312-461-0079.

  • What is the Housing Choice Voucher Program?
    A federally funded program administered by Chicago Housing Authority to provide housing assistance to eligible families. The HCV Program provides a rental subsidy for a portion of the tenant’s monthly rent. Voucher families have the choice to move to any community within the city of Chicago. The landlord is paid directly.
  • What is the Mobility Program?
    The Mobility Program is a CHA program administered by Housing Choice Partners. The Mobility Program works to provide HCV families with expanded housing choices. Through education and empowerment, families are able to locate and consider the best neighborhoods to meet their family’s needs.
  • What are the benefits of renting to a HCP Mobility participant?
    1. The landlord is guaranteed rent each month. If the tenant loses all or a portion of income, CHA will adjust the tenant rent portion to ensure landlords receive the full monthly rent amount. 2. Most mobility participants are employed and come with a rental resume to support their credit background checks. 3. Mobility participants receive financial assistance to help with the security deposit or move in fees. 4. Mobility participants attend a workshop where they are educated on Tenant’s Rights and Responsibilities, Family Obligations, Financial Management and Home Maintenance Skills. 5. Participants are assigned a counselor to assist during the entire leasing process. 6. Counselors may assist to address delays and submitting rental market analysis to ensure requested rents are within market.
  • How do I know my unit is CHA approved and how do I start the CHA leasing process?
    Finding your potential voucher participant will be the first step in this process. The potential tenant will have a Request for Tenancy Approval (moving papers) packet that you will need to complete and submit to CHA to start the leasing process. Your unit must pass a Housing Quality Standards inspection by a Certified HQS Inspector prior to move in.
  • Who do I contact when I have available units or if I decide to purchase more properties?
    Contact Housing Choice Partners' Real Estate Specialist, Jessie McDaniels Phone: 312 386-1009 ext 202. Email:

In Cook County, a housing provider cannot treat someone differently because of personal characteristics or "protected classes."

Take a look at this fair housing fact sheet for landlords and housing providers!

Fair Housing Resources for Landlords

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